Birds in Flight, Print, 1944

Birds in Flight, print, 1944
 Society of Washington Printmakers
1949 donation prize to

Library of Congress Collection
 1945 -1949  
 In addition to showing his prints Schanker began to increase the number of exhibitions featuring his experimentation with other media.  In January of 1945 there was an exhibition of his tempera paintings at the Mortimer Brandt Gallery on the corner of 5th Avenue and 57th Street in Manhattan.  Art Digest wrote:
          "Whether Schanker is expressing an idea in abstracted form or composing a muted color
         tapestry,  he always delights with his thrilling use of color which he puts on thick paper in
         layers, never losing the purity of each shade."


In April and May of '45 and again in November of '46 the Willard Gallery, next door to Brandt on 57th street showed Schanker's oils.  And in Feb of '46 they showed the temperas.

During this period Schanker continued teaching  courses and giving lectures at the New School which allowed him to share his unique techniques as a printmaker to a new generation of artists. In 1949 he began  teaching at Bard College on the Hudson River, North of New York City.

His notoriety as a printmaker continued. In February of '45 there was a showing of Schanker's prints at the prestigious Philadelphia Print Club.

 His prints were featured in many group shows including:

        '45 Brooklyn Society of Artists, Brooklyn Museum (two works)
       '45 Willard Gallery Christmas Selection 1945 (six works)
       '45 Whitney annual (Dance Motif)
       '46 Traveling Exhibition in Japan of Graphic Art, (Circle Image)
       '46 Vanguard Group of printmakers show at Brooklyn Museum
       '47 Graphic Circle Exhibition at Seligmann gallery on 57th Street.
       '47 Brooklyn Museum "American Printmaking 1943-47"

During the '46-'47 season a selection of Schanker's prints in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City collection were listed in two groups for rental by other institutions for exhibits. Representatives prints were also featured in their show "Comprehensive Survey of 65 Years of American and European Prints," to mark the opening of the new Rockefeller Print Room.

At the Brooklyn Museum First National Print Annual Exhibition in March of '47 Schanker was awarded the purchase prize for, "Abstract Landscape."

In January of '48 The Smithsonian Museum in Washington held a "Special Exhibition of Color Wood-Cuts" by Schanker.

The period ended on a high note when the Washington Post reported that at the Society of Washington Printmakers 14th Annual Show in 1949 one of two purchase prizes for donation to the Library of Congress collection had been awarded to Schankers print,  "Birds in Flight"

In this section will be found clippings about Schanker from publications as diverse as the New York Times Art News and Vogue Magazine.

 Clippings 1945-1949